may — AUG 2019

Waiting For Face

Waiting for Face examines the use of computer vision for inferring human emotions. Through investigative prototyping, the project identifies instances where it should never be used, while proposing useful and appropriate applications for emotive AI. This project explores how we analyzed emotive AI and designed the foundation for a tool that uses your facial landmarks as input for browsing similar facial expressions within images and video— designing one appropriate use case for emotive AI.

Team project with classmate and collaborator, Anna Kang.
Face as Search Input, Facial Recognition
Our Interest in the Topic
Web Application:
Discrepancy Between AI & Human
Stills From Emotion Analysis.
Why Meryl Streep?
Understanding Human Inference
Human Inference + Card Sorting
Defining New Sentiments + Contexts
We Needed New Categories
Training the Algorithm — reCaptcha's Model
Proposed Tool
Learnings + Takeaways
Search, Web Product